Summer Camp

 Kenny Green does summer camp presentations like nobody else. His performances are charged, zany and theatrical, combining storytelling with song leading, animated deliveries with infectious sing-a-longs. Thematic material that is camp-oriented and school-oriented gets combined with explorations of subjects related to music itself and kids-only experience. Even though in the spirit of fun, kids can't help but learn and grow from a Kenny Green camp performance. Bringing close to 30 years of regular camp entertaining experience to his shows, Kenny Green gets the children involved and leaves them inspired. 



"Kenny's natural rapport with children and his music make his programs by far the most popular of our six summer camps. He's a polished professional who loves his work."...Bedford Recreation and Parks Department

"He can energize a sluggish group or calm a rowdy one. He has an ability to meet children at their level."...Pound Ridge Community Church Play School

"Kenny Green is an institution. His music, songs, games and laughter are totally captivating and irresistible!"...The Chappaqua Children's Workshop