Birthday Parties

Kenny Green brings his charged participation-based musical performances to birthday parties. When Kenny shows up at a birthday party it is a rare treat for the kids. Much like his pre-school programs, but with the fun and silliness factors cranked way up, Kenny's birthday shows bring the party together. His material has the unique characteristic of making kids feel understood in a safe and fun way, while allowing them to embrace their special day with abandon. The disarming way in which Kenny encourages communication allows even the shyest of participants to let go and have fun.




 "He's talented, creative, energetic and kind. He can manage the child who feels compelled to tease him about his long hair and he can pull together the group after a silly tickle song."...Sage School  

"Every child should have this experience"...Jill Clayburgh

"When I grow up I am going to be Kenny Green"...Michael, 5 years old

"I am Kenny Green"...Alec, 2 years old

"I really am Kenny Green"...Kenny Green