Kids in the Park

Kids in the Park - This is Kenny's masterful studio effort. With full band and kid's chorus, Kids in the Park places a whole new spin on family music. Never condescending, always fun, sometimes dangerous, it's an album that touches as deeply as it rocks and celebrates life as effectively as it inspires self reflection. A combination of theatrical storytellers, unique originals and rock classics, Kids in the Park showcases Kenny's multi-instrumental prowess, endearing vocal abilities and effortless band leading. There are numerous spots on this record where the kid's chorus sends chills so far up your spine you could get dizzy.


 "For four years now, Kenny's music has been our best selling children's albums...approached only by Raffi."...Fox & Sutherland, Mount Kisco, NY

"During the summer of '94, the only recording to outsell Kids In The Park was, The Lion King."...Building Blocks, Ridgefield , CT

"a delightful CD...nice to see that young kids are in good musical hands"...Fred Hellerman, founding member of, The Weavers. 

Bear Songs

Bear Songs - This was Kenny's first collection of children's music, exhibiting the special charm of Kenny's performances in a studio recording with multi instrumentation.  The kids are here too, a full chorus of them singing every line with Kenny in total exuberance.  From "The Prettiest Worm" to "I'm a Nut" to "Threw it Out the Window" Bear Songs exhibits the rare humor behind Kenny's approach: he doesn't stoop to the kids level - he rises to it.